Besides a composer and a producer,
Geir-Arne Westby is also an artist and a musician.
He records albums and plays concerts.


Espen, Glen-Vidar and I Espen, Glen-Vidar and I

Friday November 30, I will play in my hometown, Halden, Norway,

at the Erlandsen Café. This time my fellow musicians will be;

Glen-Vidar Solheim, drums, and Espen Holatan, bass.


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The new album, "Last Blues Man In Town", is here.

You can listen to it on for example Spotify and iTunes. Under the name of WESTBY.

We are also working on an online shop here on the homepage.

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Nicklas, Geir and Christer Nicklas, Geir and Christer

This saturday, November 24th, we will be performing a concert at Stallbacken, in Ed, Sweden. There, we will be playing the songs from the new album, "Last Blues Man In Town".

Christer Andersson and Nicklas Sandström will, besides Geir-Arne Westby, participate in the show.

And also Ludwig Westby on guitar.

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ED, an afternoon in November. The  church in the background across the lake... ED, an afternoon in November. The church in the background across the lake...


Instagram: gawestby

Twitter: geirarne1

Facebook: westby studio

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On tuesday, we are going to Los Angeles, to participate in

the Taxi road rally. We are so excited.

And will come home with a lot of new knowledge and inspiration.

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Hot Club de Ed


Saturday 24 November

Stallbacken, ED



The Last Blues Men In Town; Geir-Arne, Christer and Niclas will

play songs from Geir-Arnes' new album.

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Good news!
Geir-Arne Westby is going to play support for "Jeremy Spencer Band".
Together with Ronny and Thomas Eriksson, November 3, in Åmål, at Karlberg.
They will be playing songs from Westby's new album, "Last Blues Man In Town".
This is really something to look forward to.

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 We are happy to introduce you to our new homepage, finally.


Here you will be able to see what we are up to.....

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