Geir Arne Westby is a Norwegian musician, guitarist and composer, who lives in Sweden.
Westby has his roots in the blues and the rock music.
I have listened to everything, he says, in order to become a great guitarist, everyone that I admired for their guitar playing skills.
And I practised their techniques until I was able to do what they did.
He also mentions the way BB King can fill up a whole stage with just one tone.
I definitely relate more to a feeling, to a way to convey the music.

"Man, you don't only play the guitar, you talk to it...and it answers..." 

In addition to the guitar, he even plays many different instruments, such as bass, drums, harmonica and piano.

This is something he often proves in his recordings.
In November 2012, he released his first self produced blues album, "Last Blues Man In Town".     The next year, 2013, he released the doublealbum, "Röster Från Ed". Later, same year, came the single "Christmas Songs". His second bluesalbum, called "King For A Day", was released in 2014. In 2015, it was time for the Bluesrock album "Introvert".
Another single, "Sommervise Fra Halden", also this in 2015.
The project "25th Anniversary Memorable Bluescollection", 61 bluessongs, were recorded in the summer of 2016. The plan is to make a youtube happening of this collection in 2017, called "60 Days Of Blues".


Geir Arne Westby is a proud winner of the International Songwriting Competition 2011, Crank your Cred, and he was a finalist in the blues category in the same competiton. And a semifinalist in 2014, same category - blues.